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Packaging & Shipping


In order to do our best to ensure your privacy and safety, we use professional and advanced systems and management methods to handle your orders in a black box.
1. Orders are transmitted from the website to the factory, the whole process is electronic, and the information is encrypted to ensure that the information is not leaked. At the same time, we have to format the order information every once in a while to ensure that the customer information leaves no trace.
2. All customized cards will undergo quality inspection before leaving the factory to ensure that each card is as promised, such as 100% scannable, accurate UV and information printing, clear and accurate hologram, etc. Any defective card, we will use the highest level shredder to crush and reproduce it. If you accidentally encounter such a small probability event, please forgive us for taking a little more time to produce it.
3. All the cards to be sent out will be professionally concealed, and the cards will be hidden in various items, such as the interlayer of jewelry wooden boxes, the battery boxes of Barbie dolls, mixed in special printing and packaging materials, and so on.
4. At the last stop before the card reaches your hand, the logistics link needs to overcome the customs inspection problem. After working for more than ten years, we have sent out millions of packages, for which we have accumulated rich experience and established long-term and stable relations with experienced logistics service providers. At different times of the year, we will adjust the global logistics transit routes according to the customs policy, and all efforts will be made only to ensure that the package can reach you safely, accurately and timely, so that you can enjoy the freedom brought by ID.
5. In addition, we need to make a special note that, according to the needs of customers, we provide two modes of transportation: one is standard service, which is free and cost-effective, and the shipping time is two weeks; The other is urgent service,  and requires an additional service charge of $60. The shipping time is one week, for someone who can’t wait.

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